The Production Quality

The driving force behind our business is quality assurance and this starts from the farms that provide our products. For this reason, we work with seasonal contractors from various farms to ensure we have the flexibility to find the best fruits available.

While dealing with the handling of the products, all staff members must pass through a hygiene room, in accordance to the standard of the FSSC 22000. These protocols are to avoid contamination of the product, yet another example of the attention to detail and immaculate quality that is the driving force of our work.
All factory machinery is operated through the internal administration system that is consistently updated and maintained through the guidance of the Ing A. Rossi system and by their Italian team of experts that are constantly monitoring the function of the machines. The interesting aspect of this system is that all machinery is controlled electronically and records all information down to the second, registering all data about production. Al Fursan also prides itself on having all spare parts on site with engineers prepared to fix any problems that may arise.All products are stored in aseptic bags to safeguard the product until it is moved to the client.
The on-site laboratories measure the microbiology, PH, and chemical and physical attributes of all products in correlation to international guidelines and to achieve the pristine quality that we constantly strive for. Our in-house storage facilities are able to accommodate the dry & cold needs of our products.

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