IMS Policy

Al-Fursan International Food Industries confirms its full commitment to the production of tomato and fruit concentrates and to providing safe products with high quality in every aspect. It also fully commits to provide products according to the demand of its consumers in a trustworthy manner whilst adhering to quality procedures, food safety, safety and occupational health, and environmental guidelines and to provide premium quality products that meet requirements, expectations, and satisfaction of consumers. In addition to the acknowledgement of all employees of the importance of partnership between all employees and consumers towards the progression of the company’s growth by achieving the goals of the integrated management system and continuous improvement and by adhering to the laws and legislations of quality and food safety and occupational health, safety and the environment and the application of standard specifications of:
FSSC22000/v5,ISO 14001-2015،  ISO 45001-2018
This is attained by:
● Optimal use of available capacities and developing the skills of employees.
● Establishing the internal customer concept.
● Ensuring that the company’s policy to produce high-quality products in a healthy and safe manner is communicated and understood by all company employees and to all internal and external parties involved.
● Setting goals of quality, food safety, occupational health and safety, and the environment, which will be reviewed periodically, published and developed, under the supervision of top management, involving all employees.
● Continuous development of the skills and competence of employees through training courses in addition to training visitors, contractors, temporary workers and constructors who perform work within our company, in case of necessity, to follow the safety and occupational health and upright practices of manufacturing G.M.P, and health practices of manufacturing G.H.P.
● Use of appropriate measurement, inspection equipment and laboratory tests to ensure the quality of products at all stages of production.
● Commitment to prevent pollution, reduce accidents and occupational diseases and to control risks and opportunities.
● Create open and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.
● Commitment to ensure continuous improvement according to the requirements of quality management systems.
● Clearly define authorities and responsibilities in the business task framework.
● The application of quality goals to achieve customer requirements.
● Full compliance with all laws and legislations related to food safety, occupational and environmental health and safety
● The senior management of the company is also keen to participate and consult with the company’s employees in improving the food safety system, occupational safety and health and the environment.
● Senior management is committed to spreading the culture of food safety at all levels of the company
Date: 10 January 2021
This policy has to be reviewed in the management review.
This policy has to be communicated to all company employess
This policy has to be communicated to all internal and external parties involved.

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