Our Products

Premium Quality Products

All of our products are freshly handpicked to insure the ripeness and characteristics of the fruit are in the finest of forms. The protection of the quality of our products is always the highest priority. All of our products are stored in European produced aseptic bags. Superb quality is always the driving factor behind the business and for this reason daily tastings are done by top management in order to maintain optimized quality.


The most prominent of our products with a detailed system of upholding the physical attributes of the tomato in order to create the best quality of tomato paste. The Nile rich abundant lands, merit an exceptional tomato, with a richness in color and taste that is unparalleled. There are two seasons for the tomato product; the winter season, December and January, and the summer season of May, June, and July.


Guava is one of our most popular products. All the guava we produce are from locally grown Egyptian farms. The white color of the guava is unique to the region. The season of guava is September, October, and November.


Mango is an exceptional product in Egypt. It is infamous in the region for its deep color and multilayered flavor. It is a premium fruit grown in Egypt. The prime season of the mango is in August.


One of the most distinguishable qualities of the strawberries available in Egypt is its vibrant color. Strawberry is a species of high demand is unique to the Egyptian region. The strawberry season is in March and April.

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