About Us

Al Fursan is a company that has over fifteen years of experience within the food industry. It started off as a family business with the top management growing up within the field and implementing their knowledge in order to attain top quality products. A solid, successful flagship in Jordan, with a deep history in the market, as well as, an extensive client base, allowed for the Al Fursan team to expand into Egypt with its unparalleled Nile Delta abundance of premium quality fruits. The acquisition and processing of fruits to create concentrate products is handled with the utmost attention and integrity in regards to hygiene and conservancy of color, scent, and taste.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost concentrate producing company in Egypt and the Middle East with a client base that extends to all corners of the world. We aim to be the market leader promoting the fruits of the region through our supreme quality and customer service while being environmentally responsible.

Our Mission

We work hard to yield products of premium quality using the leading technology in the field. We adhere to safety standards and work in an efficient manner that is sustainable and attributed to the attention and efforts of the entire Al Fursan team. We invest in our esteemed team, remarkable technology, and the state of the art equipment, in order to guarantee premium quality and customer service.

Our Values

Al Fursan thrives on its strong bonds and care for one another. We are a family unit and we bind together to create an environment where everyone is welcome and appreciated. We work with an honest commitment to everyone we are in contact with. This honesty and transparency applies to everyone from top management, to factory employees, and to our customers warranting a vibrant company culture. Communication is the foundation of our business and through it, our values are materialized. We remain humble in all that we do, understanding that accountability, hard work, integrity, innovation, and being focused on the future are important values that lead to quality customer service and product creation.

Our Team

Under the mentorship of the late Dr. Ahmed Hassan, the young team behind Al Fursan handles business with attention to quality and a strong work ethic. Dr. Hassan understood the importance of maintaining the natural qualities of all of the products produced due to the knowledge he acquired over his 30 years in the field. The protégés of Dr. Hassan are the following:
General Manager

Ahmed Abdrabou

With a long history in top management, Abdrabou oversees the company activities while working closely with employees across the board. His robust communication and problem-solving skills, in addition to, his wise judgement, are attributes he acquired and refined through his experience in the stock exchange, as well as, his experience in the food industry field. His commitment to his team is one of his invaluable qualities and he encourages a family environment in order for all to feel welcome and to have pride in their workplace.

Deputy General Manager

Ahmed Sami

Ahmed Sami has a lengthy history in the field and in management. This foundation let him to pursue other certifications including the fact that he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP). His work as an auditor and financial analyst for various organizations gave him the knowledge he applies daily. Through this extensive experience, he prepared for his leadership role in Al Fursan, providing insight and guidance for the entire team.

Business Unit Head

Rawan Heikal

Rawan Heikal has over a decade of experience in the food industry field, in addition to, over five years of experience within FMCG supply chain. She is also an FSSC lead auditor. Rawan is passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. As a mother of two, she is committed and proud to be able to assist in producing a product that is of superior quality for families everywhere.

Financial Manager

Baraa Sami

With an extensive background in accounting, involving years of working abroad with some of the biggest multinational companies, including Ernst & Young, Baraa, approaches his position with leadership skills upheld by his weighted experience. He is a CPA and his experience abroad has prepared him to handle diverse working environments and applies his expertise in an approachable professional manner.

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